What is Squawka?


You can access our match centres on desktop, read news on mobile or download the incredible Squawka Football App to your iPhone and Android device. Not only does it contain the best of Squawka, you can also get push notifications customised to your footballing preferences.

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Squawka is in London, UK. We have built this web-app for UK-based football fans but recognise football is a global game with interest from all four corners of the World. In the near future we will inform you of expansion into other markets and languages.

Your best friend while watching a live football match on TV


We know that lots of you like to browse online while watching matches on TV...That's why we've built Squawka. Squawka is a web-app that delivers you real-time data on the football match you are watching on TV alongside social chat.

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Tell Squawka which game you are interested in and you will be presented with a chat panel and a data panel. You can dive into live statistics on either team, any player or any two players head-to-head in the data panel. You can even filter the stats you want to see by any 5 minute period in the game

Stats worth Sharing Squawka is all about giving you 'Stats worth Sharing'. We want you to be able to have informed discussions with other fans during matches. So, once you have found an interesting stat you want to share, go to the chat panel to discuss your findings with others. You can even share data panels out to your friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter.

Each team and player have their own pages on Squawka which are constantly updated with the latest performance data - so you can come to Squawka whenever you need to challenge a friends footy opinion.


Everyone at Squawka loves football. We love football so much we have built our own scientific player performance scoring algorithm. Without getting too technical, our boffins score every on-ball action, the outcome of these actions, the players position, the area of the field etc...in fact, Squawka calculates over 14 million data points in real time. This is displayed for you in a nifty little bubble against each players name. There is no maximum number the scores go up to but the more the bubble is filled up with the colour the better the game the player is having.

Click to find out more about the Squawka Player Performance Rating.

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